Support for OneNation Kodi Build Wizard (Note: we do not host any builds on this site

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Support website for OneNation - Kodi Build Wizard. Here you can find details of the wizard that will assist you to bring Kodi to life. Visit our "How To Guides" section to find your solution. For the advanced Kodi user, head straight over to the download portal using the "Download" button below... >>>Note: we do not host any builds on this site<<<




When you download the wizard, inside you will find access to the following builds:







•The Incredibles



•Max'd Mario - Kids

•Toy Story - Kids

•Cosmic Evolution





LEIA (Kodi v18)



•The Incredibles



•Deceit Ultra

•Max'd Mario Kids Leia!

•Toy Story - Kids

•Cosmic Evolution

•Aladdin Build

•And Chill

•Betty Boop Build

•Bugs Bunny Build


•Christmas Gif Build


•DoomzDay - Ancient Egypt

•DoomzDay - Kiss My Ass

•DoomzDay - The Fabulous 50's

•DoomzDay - The Mythical Beast Leia

•Dre4eveR Fallen Build

•Franks 18

•God Of War Build

•Gothic Build

•Lightning Build

•Madflix 2

•Need For Speed


•Slamious 18

•Snowman Gif Build

•The Batman Build

•The Grinch Build 18

•Winnie The Pooh

•Wolf Build

•Xtasy D



KRYPTON (Kodi v17):





•Unicorn Bitch


•Max'd Mario - Kids


•Aeon Tesla

•Agent 47 Build

•Batman Build

•Battlefield Build

•Black Kryptonite


•Breezz Build

•Breezz Dark Build

•Bruce Lee Build

•Bugs Bunny Build

•Bumblebee Build


•Care Bear Build 17

•Crash Bandicoot

•Christmas Gif Build

•Cybergirl Build

•Daft Punk By Frank

•Dante Devil May Cry Build

•Dc vs Marvel

•Deadpool Build

•Donald Duck Build

•Dre4ever Build

•Dre4ever Dragonborn

•Dre4ever We Are Negan

•Dre4ever Lite Build

•Dre4eveR Dark-Art Build

•Dre4eveR Ice and Fire Build

•D's Build

•D's Whiteout Build

•End of Days Build

•Fairy Build

•Flamingo Build

•Franks Build

•Franks 2

•Garfield Build


•Halloween Gif Build


•Hulk Build

•Incredibles Build

•Insight Build

•Jedi Build

•Judge Dredd


•Kiddo by British Barley

•Klepto SiLVO

•Klepto SiLVO LITE

•Kodi World

•Kodi World 2

•Kung Fu Panda Build

•Lobo Black Out

•Lobo Build

•Lobo Horror Vision

•Loki By Frank

•Madflix by Frank

•Manc's Blackout Build Silvo Skin

•Mario Odyssey Build

•Marvel Infinity Build

•Miami Hurricanes By G

•Michael Jackson Build

•Mondo By British Barley

•Need For Speed 17

•New Years Build 17

•No Second Thoughts Build

•NZ Build

•NZ Build - raspberry pi libreelec

•Pinnochio Build 17


•Popcorn Time Build

•Rabs Blue Build

•Rambo Build



•Retro Wave Build

•Scooby Doo Build

•Skeleton Build


•Slamious 17

•Snoopy Build

•Sonic Build 17

•Spiderman by Frank

•Star Wars Build

•Supergirl Build


•The Batman Build

•The Joker Build

•Thor By Frank

•Thrones Build

•Tomb Raider

•Unhinged Build

•Venom By Frank

•Venom Gif Build

•Wimpy Kid Build

•Wolf Build

•Wolverine Build

•Xtasy D





•None at present



THEMES ONLY (kodi 18):

•Confederate - THEME ONLY


•Fast 18 - THEME ONLY



THEMES ONLY (kodi 17.6):

•Avengers - THEME ONLY

•Back To The Future - THEME ONLY

•Confederate - THEME ONLY

•Dark Days - THEME ONLY

•End Of Days - THEME ONLY

•Furious - THEME ONLY

•Nightmare - THEME ONLY


•Time and Space - THEME ONLY

•Tom and Jerry - THEME ONLY



Note: We do not host any wizards or builds on this site - for information purposes only

featured builds / add-on's

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below you can see some screenshots for the featured builds to help you decide what best suites you. Hover over the image and click on the '+' to open a full size screenshot.



below you can find direct download links to the OneNation APK's. The OneNation Portal (home of the wizard) and not forgetting the Kodi TV page where you can download Kodi directly from their website if you prefer:

how to guides

how to guides

Here you will find some information on how to install Kodi and install the wizard within Kodi:

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